Marfa, Texas

First Posted 3-21-2014  /   Last Update 03-22-2014

In loving memory of Mary Belle Ten Eyck Mitchell.  She and her husband, Kerr Mitchell, are the people who made this happen. They and the “Marfa Hikers Club” collected this information. The daughter of Ruth and Leslie B. Martin put it into this format. 

This website provides information that we hope will help family members and friends locate the gravesites of loved ones buried in the cemetery that sits on the West side of Marfa, Texas.  This information was compiled by volunteers working with a collection of lists, maps, information from headstones, and the Big Bend Sentinel obituaries.  It is not based on legal documents filed in a court of law and is not at all intended for any legal or commercial purposes.  It is intended for the use of Marfa cemetery families and friends and for those who may be interested in the heritage of Marfa.

We were able to associate just over 1600 names with plot locations.  Since this is only a portion of the existing cemetery complex, we hope to eventually have data on the website for the entire complex.

In short, this is a work in progress: if you have corrections and / or additions to the data on this site, please email these to: smdees@marfacemeteryguide.net.

Information Available on this Site

To find a name or a plot, click on the  “NAMES, SECTIONS, & MAPS” tab near the header – above left – of this webpage to access the following lists and maps.  [We apologize; the search icons on this site are inactive.]

1. An ALPHABETICAL LIST of names, with SECTION and PLOT number associated with each. Names having no death dates may, or may not, be those of living owners or former owners.

2.  SECTION LISTS ordered by PLOT NUMBERS, with name associated with each plot.  There are usually 4 spaces to a plot, shown as A,B,C, or D.

3.  MAPS of the Marfa Cemetery:  Overview / Quick Reference Map / Sections New-1 (1N) & New-2 (2N) / Sections One and Six /Sections Two and Five /Sections Three and Four.

Click near header – above  left – on Names, Sections, & Maps